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Beautiful South African Woman with Over-The-Shoulder Dreads

Majestic dreads over 36 inches long. An office woman from South Africa looks beautiful and diva-like in long golden streak dreads flowing over her shoulders. The nicely done and thick dreads match perfectly well with her light brown skin and the blue top knot bun is a good match for the jean shirt. This is …

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South African Girl with Cute Lipstick and Short Weave

A pretty and lovely South African girl of college age displays some cute swag. The highlight is the shiny cute lipstick, beautiful eyes, stylish eyebrows and the nice short Brazilian weave of blackish/maroon shade. You also have to like the smooth light skin and eye makeup which managed to achieve its effect.

Naturally Pretty South African Girl with Chocolate Skin and Perfect Makeup

A pretty South African college girl with chocolate skin smiles. The highlight is the perfect makeup that is lightly done, just enough to enhance her natural looks – the healthy smooth black skin, nice thin eyelashes and transparent makeup. You also have to admire the stretched and natural hair. If there is an example of …

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South African Bride in Traditional Dress and African Head Wrap

A beautiful South African woman undergoing a traditional ceremony of being co-opted into a new family. The newly married wife is wearing a lovely light blue African dress with patterns. It’s a type of modern traditional dress with short sleeves and low-cut cleavage slit that does not give everything away. It can be a one-piece …

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South African Black Woman in Attractive Tight Maxi Dress

A tall black South African woman illustrates how a body shaping maxi dress looks like from the back. This is an elegant dress to wear at a party, ceremonial event or celebration. It’s suitable for a business function or cocktail party. It’s a type of dress that is highly attractive, decent and classy if you …

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South African Lady with Chic African Necklace and Bun Knot Hairstyle

A cheerful South African girl is proud to exhibit traditional African attire. She is wearing a blue band bead necklace with rainbow colors slapped over a lace necklace. Although the lower part is not visible, the blue strapless bustier dress must be one of those long ones, the maxi flowing dress that is suitable for …

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Pretty South African Babe in Long Dreads and Ripped Jeans

A black female South African youth spotting some Tomboy Bad Girl swag. Whatever a pretty girl wears she always looks good. This young dreadlocked woman is looking cool and attractive in stylish ripped and washed out jeans. Ripped jeans are popular with today’s youth who believe in freedom of expression and making a statement through …

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Beautiful Light Skinned South African Girl with Afro Dreads

  You have to love the morning attire for this light skinned South African girl. She looks pretty, cute and amazing while 90% covered. And you have to love her afro dreads hairstyle that fits in well with her oval face shape. This is what confidence is all about, not afraid to dress decently just …

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Pretty South African Woman with Big Eyes Shows Swag in Chicy Brown Attire

A lot of people love women with big eyes because there is something attractive about them. This pretty young South African woman is not only blessed with beautiful black eyes but she knows how to dress well too. Her matching abilities are second to none. Just by looking at the picture, you can see something …

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Elegant South African Office Girl with Golden Brazilian Weaves

Surely this is a sight you would like to encounter when somebody opens your office door?. Of course, you have a high probability of passing an interview when you articulate yourself well and if you have an impressive CV, but nowadays employers are also giving marks for dressing well. A lady has to look attractive …

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