Cute and Pretty – Light South African College Girl Smiles


A High School student from South Africa – Natural beauty is when you look gorgeous in simple clothes. You just shine like a star, and outfits are not the focus. This light skinned black girl looks gorgeous and cute, beautiful eyes, attractive fresh, young and soft skin. The girl is wearing a college shirt with embroidered badge, and she is effortlessly looking beautiful in this simple attire, that is definitely okay for a low-budget college life.

Attractive Light Skinned South African Girl Looking Beautiful, Cute and Chic


Natural beauty, effortlessly cute, chicy attire and swag all in one. A beautiful South African college girl with a killer smile looks amazing in white clean textured top, simple necklace, earrings and thin stretched dreads formed into a top knot hairstyle. The girl has a perfect light complexion, beautiful young smooth skin and attractive lipstick expertly applied, as well as gorgeous eyes. So simple yet so attractive, this is what beauty is all about; you just have to put a little effort to enhance what you already have.

Pretty Short South African College Girl in Simple Casual Attire

Simple and Lovely
Simple and Lovely

Short girls are cute, always inspiring fondness. A black college girl from university campus in South Africa enjoying the moment. The pretty young woman looks attractive and cute in a simple bare midriff short sleeved top with cool kiddy prints and a short tight skirt. You have to admire the stretched top knot hairstyle that is quite good for this occasion.

Pretty Short South African Girl in Black Tights

Pretty and Young
   Looking Good and Pretty

A pretty and cute South African girl on college campus wearing a short-sleeved ,dolly-dress styled top with blue kiddy patterns and a pair of tight black pants for ladies. You have to be chilling at home, going to the shops, doing some chores or just hanging around the neighborhood if you are in such simple attire. You have to love this beautiful girl

Pretty Light South African College Girl in Long Straight Brazilian Weaves

Pretty African Girl in Casual Attire
Pretty African Girl in Sporty Casual Attire

A pretty college student wearing from South Africa looking cool in casual attire. The light skinned black girl is wearing a cool printed t-shirt and baseball cap worn backwards. She looks like she was caught in a study mood in a college campus apartment. Anyway, she looks amazing in those clean, neat and shiny black weaves – Brazilian hair, straight weave style that looks so natural and quite high-quality. Her makeup is perfect and expertly done – lightly applied lipstick, smooth healthy skin and lovely eyes.

Light South African Girl Underestimates Her Natural Beauty

"Good Morning"
A Beautiful African Girl Says “Good Morning”

They say a picture says a thousand words. No words except to say this is an AN EXAMPLE OF NATURAL BEAUTY – A beautiful black South African girl with light complexion plays in front of the camera. Only a few girls can look so beautiful with no makeup, and this is what this girl has achieved.

South African Girl Wearing Chain Necklace

African Teenage Girl Wearing an Olatz Chain Necklace
African Teenage Girl Wearing an Olatz Chain Necklace

COOL STYLE – A black South African girl with straight Brazilian hair and red sleeveless top wearing a double layered Gina Cueto Olatz chain necklace. The wristwatch looks also looks cool for teenage attire. She also loves red lipstick.

Cute Pretty South African Lady in Smart Attire

Everything is Point About This Young Lady - Pretty, Cute, Smart and Perfect Swag
Everything is on Point About This Young African Lady – Pretty, Cute, Smart and Perfect Swag

A pretty young South African lady looks cute in smart attire. What captures the eye is not only the cute smile of this young lady, but she is also naturally beautiful and you cannot help but admire but her sense of fashion. One pattern that is noticeable among these chic girls is that they know how to blend the skin with appropriate outfits. They also know that simple is beautiful. The pretty lady is wearing a colored top (it might be a jean shirt ,canvas or thick cotton shirt).It matches well with her looks, the short stretched natural hair is lovely, the earring are simply chic, and she knows how to apply the right amount of makeup that preserves your natural beauty.

Beautiful South African Woman with Over-The-Shoulder Dreads

Young African Woman Looks Amazing in Smart Long Thick Dreads
Young African Woman Looks Amazing in Smart Long Thick Dreads

Majestic dreads over 36 inches long. An office woman from South Africa looks beautiful and diva-like in long golden streak dreads flowing over her shoulders. The nicely done and thick dreads match perfectly well with her light brown skin and the blue top knot bun is a good match for the jean shirt. This is casual attire, so the lady is wearing a white short-sleeve (or sleeveless t-shirt) under the jean shirt. If you are working in the office over the weekends or going out into the field at an open-air event, you might wear something casual like this.

South African Girl with Cute Lipstick and Short Weave

Pretty Girl - Perfect Studio Picture, Cute Lipstick and Neat Weave
Pretty Girl – Perfect Studio Picture, Cute Lipstick and Neat Weave

A pretty and lovely South African girl of college age displays some cute swag. The highlight is the shiny cute lipstick, beautiful eyes, stylish eyebrows and the nice short Brazilian weave of blackish/maroon shade. You also have to like the smooth light skin and eye makeup which managed to achieve its effect.