South African Bride in Traditional Dress and African Head Wrap

A pretty African Bride in Traditional African Dress Being Received in New Home
A pretty African Bride in Traditional Dress Being Received in New Home

A beautiful South African woman undergoing a traditional ceremony of being co-opted into a new family. The newly married wife is wearing a lovely light blue African dress with patterns. It’s a type of modern traditional dress with short sleeves and low-cut cleavage slit that does not give everything away. It can be a one-piece or two-piece dress, but what can be noticed from this dress is that it’s quite attractive with its bodycon shape. The top has no buttons but it’s held together by a blue band of cloth that is tied around the waist like a belt. The blue pattern head wrap matches with the dress and it’s quite stylishly adorned.?

The young woman’s dress emphasizes body shape which is quite trendy and attractive for young women, while the older women are putting on loose African dresses which are fit for their age. The older woman on the right is wearing a red themed African dress and head wrap and the older woman on the left is wearing a grey patterned African dress and matching head wrap.

Presumably this good-looking South African bride has gone through a traditional marriage ceremony and the bridegroom must have paid the bride price or a part of it, to the bride’s parents. The bride price is often in the form of cattle or cows which are given to the bride’s family. In South Africa, bride price is known as Lobola (a Zulu word).

One of the ceremonies involved in the African marriage process is whereby the bride is received by the groom’s family. In this case, the young woman in blue is now an official wife and she is being welcomed to the husband’s family to stay with her husband. In most cases, the man stays with his extended family in the homestead and the older women (the aunties and mother) have to welcome the new wife into the new home. They do this by embracing her with a blanket.

South African Woman Shines in Simple Flowered Dress and Headwrap

From South Africa - She graceful and pretty in this modest attire
From South Africa – She graceful and pretty in this modest attire

Our smiling South African queen is spotting a decent look, a traditional look, conservative attire ,perfect to go with to church or just at home.This pretty lady is wearing a sleeveless,high neckline dress with flower patterns.The African head wrap that looks like a turban has a dark violet color that matches well with the flowered dress.